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NGS - 7-year experience published today

Today our 7-year experience with the University of Basel and Novartis Next Generation Scientist (NGS) program was published:

There is a disproportionately low number of biomedical and clinical researchers in low- and middle income countries (LMIC’s) relative to their high burden of disease - to help address this need, the NGS program, a novel University-accredited, immersive fellowship program was established by a large public-academic-private network. This paper describes the program and summarizes progress and lessons learned over its first 7-years.

More than 140 scientists and clinicians from 25 countries participated over the 7-year period. Our evaluation revealed strong evidence of knowledge and skills transfer, and beneficial self-reported impact on fellow’s research output and career trajectories. Examples of program impact included completion of post-graduate qualifications; establishment and implementation of good laboratory- and clinical- practice mechanisms; and becoming lead investigators in local programs. There was a high retention of fellows in their home countries (> 75%) and an enduring professional network among the fellows and their mentors.

While the impact has been BIG – but more needs to be done. For this reason, next week, I will be hosting a session at the Grand Challenges meeting in Berlin to motivate for more of these programs.

Please help in these advocacy efforts to build up the ecosystem of science in previously under-served regions of the world.

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