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Presentation: Clinical Pharmacology in Africa - history, progress and lessons learnt

Each year, Pharmacokinetics UK honors the memory of Peter Coates by inviting speakers that are recognized for their contributions to the theory and practice of PK/PD. We were delighted to discuss the history, progress and lessons learned in our efforts to support clinical pharmacology in Africa.

Some of the highlights include:

  • International, local and regional partners from industry and academia were critical to the genesis, progress and current status of pharmacometrics in Africa

  • Pharmacometrics Africa ( is now an established collaborative platform for open-access quantitative clinical pharmacology educational programs with active hubs in multiple African countries

  • Tactics included on-line and face-to-face trainings; doctoral programs; early collaborations with African regulators and job creation

  • Hosting WCoP was a watershed event

You can review the slides below:


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