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Kevin Prudence

Kevin Prudence is an accomplished human health and nutrition business professional with over 30 years of broad, hands-on experience across multiple aspects of human nutrition, with a focus on micronutrients and their impact on health.  Globally, an estimated two billion lives are affected by a chronic deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals (micronutrients), collectively known as hidden hunger (FAO 2013) with potential significant negative consequences for both global health and economic growth.

His most recent area of interest is gut health, the relationship between the microbiome & health and the potential for modulation via dietary and alternative interventions.

A biotechnologist with business management training, Kevin has worked in the areas of innovation, project management, new product development, business development, sales, marketing and in quality management and basic research. He has global business experience having worked with both colleagues and customers across all continents, in high, middle- and low-income economies. He is equally comfortable leading teams as he is in being a team member and team player.  He has a logical, problem solving mindset and the ability to think out-of-the-box to find practical solutions.

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